Safe Soccer

Millis Soccer Club is a member of Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) and Massachusetts Youth Soccer (MYS). As such, the MSC follows the guidelines set forth by these organizations to ensure that Millis provides a safe place to learn and enjoy soccer. 

All MYS organization members – programs, clubs and towns – must be in compliance with US Policy 212-3. The policy is available for review here.

The policy addresses the following areas: prohibited conduct, background screening, education & training, abuse prevention policies, reporting and enforcement

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Safe Soccer Statement

The Massachusetts Safe Soccer platform provides all Massachusetts Youth Soccer participants (players, coaches, referees, administrators, volunteers, and parents) with the tools to make their soccer experience safe, healthy, and free from emotional, physical or sexual abuse. 

Our Safe Soccer platform includes policies, procedures, background screening of all adults, education and training, reporting, monitoring and enforcement in our desire to help all participants, young and old, have the very best soccer experience. 

Millis Soccer Club Bylaws

Article 1 - General

Section 1.1. 
These rules and regulations are promulgated under the authority of the voting members of the Millis Soccer Club, Inc. (hereinafter called "The Club").

Section 1.2. 
The purpose of this club shall be to foster and assist the development of the Soccer Football, to promote and encourage social, civic, educational, and athletic activities; to acquire, rent, or own such real and personal property as may be necessary or convenient for the furthering of theses purposes.

Section 1.3. 
This club in relation to its functions and activities shall be non-profit, nonpartisan, and nonsectarian.

Section 1.4. 
These rules and regulations may be amended by a majority of Voting Members present at the annual General Meeting or at a Special Meeting.

Section 1.5. 
Notice of any Voting Members Meeting must be postmarked fourteen days (14) prior to the date of the said meeting.

Article 2 - Membership

Section 2.1. 
Membership in the Millis Soccer Club, Inc., shall not be denied to any person because of race, creed, color, or sex, subject to the after mentioned provisions.

Section 2.2. 
Persons who desire to support the Club's motives and are willing to abide by the By-Laws of the Club, shall apply in writing to the secretary.

Section 2.3. 
All membership petitions submitted to the secretary must secure a majority approval of the Voting Members.

Section 2.4. 
There will be two grades of membership: Playing Members In this grade of membership the player will afforded the privileges of the club's organization to partake in training exercises and competition as organized by the club. All players must be residents of Millis, unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors and Boston Area Youth Soccer.

Voting Members  

This grade of the membership may be obtained by any person over the age of 18 years and who satisfies the conditions of Article 2.

Section 2.5. 
The membership, if approved, becomes effective upon the payment of the Membership Fee, if any, for the fiscal year in which the petition is presented.

Article 3 - Ruling Body

Section 3.1. 
The ruling body shall be the Directors. Only Millis residents in good standing with the Club may be eligible for elective office.

Section 3.2. 
The Directors shall have the control and management of the funds and property of the Club.

Section 3.3.
Directors and Officers of the Club shall officially take office following the annual meeting of the Voting Members. Their term of office shall be for a period of one year.

Section 3.4. 
At all meetings of the Voting Members, a Quorum shall consist of 50% of the Voting members including the presence of at least two members holding the office of President, Secretary, or Treasurer.

Section 3.5. 
Elections shall be held annually between January 2 and January 31 of the year. A Nominating Committee shall submit a slate of Directors and Officers to the Voting Members. Additional nominations may be presented from the floor provided permission from the nominee is obtained beforehand.

Article 4 - Duties of Elected Officers

Section 4.1. 
The President shall be a Director and shall chair the Director's Meeting which shall direct and supervise the affairs of the Club. The President shall make an annual report of Club affairs to the Voting Members.

The President is also responsible to ensure that all club officers, coaches, and administrators submit a "Kid Safe" Information form for Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association records.

Section 4.2. 
The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and shall be the custodian of all official records of the organization. The Secretary shall further give notice of all meetings, and all correspondence shall be directed to the Secretary. The Secretary shall hold a voting position on the Board of Directors.

Section 4.3. 
The Treasurer shall report at least annually in detail to the Club all sums received and expended, all outstanding obligations, and such matters as may be deemed proper. The Treasurer shall have custody of the financial records, shall maintain a Bank Account in the Club's name and will be the only member designated to commit Club funds. The Treasurer shall hold a voting position on the Board of Directors.

Section 4.4. 
The Registrar shall be responsible for the submission of teams and rosters to Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS). The Registrar will ensure all players, coaches and other adult affiliates are registered with Mass Youth Soccer Association (MYSA). The Registrar shall ensure all coaches have a coach’s card. The Registrar shall ensure all players requiring a player's card shall have a card. The Registrar shall hold a voting position on the Board of Directors.

Section 4.5. 
The Directors, which shall be seven (7) voting members, shall govern Club activities, shall be available to organize activities that the Club may become involved in; shall form committees as the need arises and to generally support the Club on all agreed ventures.

Section 4.6.
In the event that an officer/directors withdraws from a position, the remaining board members have the authority to appoint a qualified replacement for the remainder of the term.

Article 5 - Suspension of Membership

Section 5.1. 
A member is a member in good standing unless suspended in accordance with either of the following provisions:

A: The membership of any member may be suspended by reason of failure to participate in Club activities.
B: The Directors shall have the power at any time to cancel the membership of any member (Player or Coach, etc.) who shall in the opinion of the Directors have been guilty on or off the field of conduct discreditable to the Club, or shall without sufficient causes have failed to play in any match in which he has accepted an invitation to play, provided that the Directors shall not exercise such power without first giving the member concerned a sufficient opportunity of justifying his conduct. Majority vote of the Directors is necessary to approve cancellation of membership or suspension.

Article 6 - Subscriptions

Section 6.1. 
The cost of becoming a Playing Member of the Club will be set by the Directors.

Section 6.2. 
The membership fee of a playing member in difficult circumstances may be abated in part or in whole by the Directors.

Section 6.3. 
Persons who have not kept their subscriptions current shall at the recommendation of the treasurer be ineligible to play.

Article 7 - Committees

Section 7.1. 
The Directors may appoint such special committees as may be deemed necessary to accomplish the athletic, social, and charitable objectives of the Club. The Committees so formed exist until such time as their specific task is accomplished, or dissolved by the Directors.

Section 7.2. 
Nominating Committee will consist of 3 members. The chairperson of the committee shall be a member of the Voting Members and will be appointed by the President with the approval of the Directors.

The remaining members of the Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the chairperson. The President may not be member of the Nominating committee. This Committee shall prepare a slate of officer/director candidates for election and submit it to the voting members.

Article 8 - Charitable Matches

Section 8.1. 
It shall be in the policy of the Millis Soccer Club, Inc. to play matches for worthy non-sectarian, non-political causes.

Section 8.2. 
The Millis Soccer Club, Inc. may request a contribution from sponsors to be used for Club expenses.

Article 9 - Colors

Section 9.1. 
The Club Colors are maroon and white.

Section 9.2. 
The Directors must approve the design of the official uniform, jackets, etc.

Article 10 - Team Coaches

Section 10.1.
The Directors shall select coaches for the Club teams. Any coach which in the opinion of the Directors by their behavior, becomes unsuitable during the season, shall be replaced if agreed by Majority Vote of the Directors.

Section 10.2.
Coaches must not accept any games, outside of schedule, without written permission of the Directors. If a coach does so and in the opinion of the Directors places the safety of the team or reputation of the Club in jeopardy, Section 1 will apply.